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SLAP Tear Treatment Los Angeles


Many different types of tears can occur in the shoulder. A “SLAP” tear is one such injury. The term “SLAP” stands for “superior labrum anterior and posterior.” This may all seem like medical garble that doesn’t go together, but if you have an injured shoulder, these terms will be important to you and your orthopedic surgeon.

SLAP Tear Treatment Los Angeles

In a SLAP tear, the top part of the labrum is injured. This is where the biceps attach to the labrum. The SLAP tear occurs both in the front and back portions of this attachment point to the joint. These injuries can occur due to falls, motor vehicle accidents, forceful pulling of the arm, rapid or forceful movement of the arm, or shoulder dislocation. People over the age of 40 and people who participate in sports with repetitive motions are at a higher risk of these types of injuries.
Common symptoms of a SLAP tear include: locking, popping, grinding, or catching sensations of the shoulder, pain with the movement of the shoulder, pain lifting objects (especially those from overhead) decreased shoulder strength, the sensation of the shoulder popping out of joint, and a decreased range-of-motion. Your doctor can better identify the cause of your symptoms.

If you believe you may have suffered a SLAP tear in your shoulder, call Dr. Millstein at Millstein Orthopedics. Dr. Millstein is the source for your SLAP tear treatment in Los Angeles. After a thorough examination of the shoulder and surrounding joints, a diagnosis will be made. Dr. Millstein will test the range-of-motion in your shoulder to see the severity of the injury, and imaging test like X-Rays or MRIs may be needed to correctly diagnose a SLAP tear. Call Millstein Orthopedics at (310) 595-1030 to schedule an appointment today.

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