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Arthritis Treatments


Unfortunately, most types of arthritis are currently incurable, but today´s wide range of arthritis treatments can be very effective and help you manage the disease. There are over 100 different types of arthritis diseases (including osteoarthritis, also known as wear and tear arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and more), and you may try several different treatments and medications over time.

If you suffer from arthritis pain, Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon Eric Millstein, MD will work with you to find the best treatment for your arthritis condition. Discovering the right treatment strategy for you can be a long process, which is why it is important that you work with Dr. Millstein to learn about your options and different treatment plans.

The Goals of Arthritis Treatment

  • Slow progression of the disease
  • Maintain or improve joint function
  • Preserve mobility
  • Prevent or minimize joint damage and deformities

Nonsurgical Arthritis Treatment Options

In its early stages, arthritis is treated with nonsurgical measures. Nonsurgical treatments include lifestyle modifications, exercise, supportive devices, and other methods like water exercises and the use of elastic bandages. Lifestyle modifications can include losing weight, switching from running exercises to swimming, and minimizing activities that aggravate the condition. If a patient is overweight, losing weight may also reduce the stress on weight-bearing joints and reduce pain.
Exercises will help increase range of motion and flexibility, and strengthen the supporting muscles. This is an effective method for reducing pain and improving function. We can help you develop an individualized exercise program that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Using a brace or other supportive devices like inserts and knee sleeves can assist with stability and function. An “unloader” brace shifts load away from the affected portion of the knee, while a “support” brace helps support the entire knee load. Both braces have been proven to effectively take pressure off injured knees.

Drug Treatment Options for Arthritis

Depending on the severity of your arthritis, there are several drugs available that are commonly used during arthritis treatment in Beverly Hills. Options include, but are not limited to: pain medication, corticosteroids, DMARDs, and NSAIDs. The simple pain relievers are available without prescription and can be very effective in reducing pain. Because every patient is different, and because not all patients respond the same to medications, Dr. Millstein will work with you to develop a program for your specific condition.

If you’re in need of inflammatory arthritis treatment, please contact Millstein Orthopedics by calling (310) 595-1030 today.

Surgical Treatments for Arthritis

If nonsurgical treatments are not enough, you will need to have surgery. As with nonsurgical options, the purpose is to reduce pain, increase function, and generally reduce your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Patient satisfaction is a fundamental goal in treating arthritis and there are a number of options available, such as cartilage grafting, arthroscopic surgery, total or partial knee arthroplasty, and osteotomy.

Choosing the right arthritis doctor in Los Angeles can help with recovery time post-surgical results.

Contact an Arthritis Specialist in Beverly Hills

If you are suffering from shoulder or knee arthritis in Los Angeles and would like to explore your treatment options, sign up for a consultation today with the best Beverly Hills osteoarthritis doctor by calling (310) 595-1030.

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