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Knee Treatments


The knee is a complex hinge-type joint that bears tremendous pressure during all weight-bearing activity. Competitive athletes, weekend warriors and casual strollers alike depend upon smooth, pain-free range of motion of the knee joint for optimal function.

Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon Dr. Millstein excels in treating knee injuries and helping his patients prevent chronic pain related to degenerative knee conditions. As a Beverly Hills orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, Dr. Millstein provides his patients with personalized care and utilizes the most advanced and minimally invasive surgery techniques whenever possible.

Learn more about the following knee treatments:

ACL Reconstruction

Cartilage Repair

Knee Arthritis (surgical & non-surgical)

Knee Fracture Repair

Knee Replacement (total & partial)

Ligament Repair

Meniscus Tear Repair

Revision Knee Surgery

If you are experiencing any knee problems, schedule an appointment with expert Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Millstein.

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