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Second Opinion Specialist

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Eric S. Millstein, MD

Knee & Shoulder Surgery & Sports Medicine located in Century City, Los Angeles, CA

At Millstein Orthopedics, located in Century City, Los Angeles, California, Dr. Eric S. Millstein welcomes patients seeking second opinions for knee and shoulder treatment. As a top-ranked orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Millstein will review your condition, discuss treatment options, and help answer any questions. Call or request an appointment online today to get started.

Second Opinion Q & A

Dr. Millstein always puts the patient first, and thoroughly believes that getting a second opinion is your right as a patient. This is your medical care and your life, which is why it is important that you are comfortable.

Doctors should never try to prevent you from getting a second opinion. Instead, they should encourage it. Besides, as a patient, you may gain a little extra insight in talking to somebody else rather than just seeing the same doctor.

Why is a second opinion needed?

Many patients come to us for a second opinion, not necessarily because they have doubts about the competence of their treating consultant, but because they are unhappy about the level of communication or about the results of their treatment. That is why Dr. Millstein focuses on communication, building trust, and thoroughly explaining treatment options.

How will a second opinion help me?

Getting a second opinion may confirm the direction you are already heading, but it can also offer a fresh perspective, suggest new directions, or help better explain your treatment plan. Consulting Dr. Millstein is a great way to determine if you have considered all possible options.

Usually, a second opinion can help you feel more confident about your treatment option. We believe that patients always benefit from having another set of eyes look at their medical problems and planned treatments, which is why Dr. Millstein is always willing to offer a second opinion.

A second opinion offers peace of mind, which is why Dr. Milstein would be happy to review your medical situation and treatment plan. Please call the office today or request an appointment online today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Millstein.

How should I prepare for a second opinion consultation?

It is recommended that a list of any specific questions is prepared ahead of time. This way Dr. Millstein can address any specific concerns or anything that was previously misunderstood.

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