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Located in the heart of Century City, CA, our office is filled with a friendly and knowledgeable team of clinicians and administrators who are dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience and impeccable care.

At Millstein Orthopedics it is our goal to minimize pain, maximize function and optimize lifestyle. To achieve these goals, our team works together to facilitate an individualized treatment plan for every patient.

Dr. Millstein believes the most important aspect of medical and surgical care is an effective dialogue between him and his patient. This engaging discussion is vital to making an accurate diagnosis and formulating a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Millstein has a high success rate utilizing non-surgical treatments and advises his patients to only pursue surgery after all other treatment options have been exhausted.

Regardless of your injury, Dr. Millstein will help you get back to performing the activities you love as quickly as possible. To find out more about how orthopedic surgeon Dr. Millstein can help you, call (310) 595-1030 to schedule a consultation.

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