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As a leading orthopedic surgeon in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Eric Millstein has been featured on a variety of news outlets, television programs, and magazines, where he provides his expertise on an array of orthopedic news and issues.


As a Board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Eric Millstein specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ligament injuries and tears. Whether you’re a native of Los Angeles or travelling from out of town, the following orthopedic surgery videos can help you learn more about the services provided by ACL Surgery Los Angeles.

ACL Surgery Videos


For more orthopedic videos with Dr. Millstein, please visit our YouTube page, where you can find videos of Dr. Millstein explaining shoulder surgery, rehabilitation exercises, and patient testimonials. If you would like to learn more about our surgery center, please call 310.595.1030.

ACL Surgery Photo Gallery

Xrays and MRIs are just two of the ways in which Dr. Millstein learns about a patient’s unique physical characteristics. These images help Dr. Millstein determine the best and most appropriate treatment method for each patient, ensuring personalized and comprehensive care.

When it comes to anterior cruciate ligament surgery, photos like xrays and MRI images are invaluable for determining proper treatment. At his orthopedic office in Beverly Hills, Dr. Millstein utilizes these images to provide treatment and ensure great results.

Below you can find a variety of images that showcase knee and shoulder injuries, as well as comparison images between normal joints and arthritic joints. To learn more about sports medicine in Los Angeles, please call 310.595.1030 today.

Knee Arthroscopy

Normal ACL






ACL Reconstruction


Knee MRIs

Normal ACL

Torn ACL


ACL Reconstruction

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If you’re suffering from a knee injury, please do not hesitate to contact Beverly Hills sports injury specialist Dr. Millstein today. Call our offices at 310.595.1030 to learn more about treatment and surgery for the anterior cruciate ligament.

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