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Shoulder Revision Surgery


Shoulder arthroplasty, or shoulder replacement, is becoming an increasingly common procedure, with many prostheses options available. Unfortunately, the expanded number of primary shoulder arthroplasties has also led to an increasing need for revision of failed primary procedures. A range of complications or combinations of complications can lead to the need for revision surgery. Fortunately, for many arthroplasty complications, treatment options are available.

Revision surgery is often very complicated, with a multitude of factors to consider, and the results are hard to predict. Additionally, since there are many different reasons a shoulder revision surgery may be needed, every aspect of the surgery must be treated on an individual basis. Therefore, you must discuss these procedures at length with Dr. Millstein

The below problems may be alleviated with shoulder revision surgery:

  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Instability
  • Joint Contracture
  • Glenoid Loosening and scapular bone loss
  • Humeral loosening
  • Infection: Surgical removal and replacement of old prosthesis is recommended
  • Pain following a hemiarthroplasty: a conversion to a full arthroplasty is recommended to relieve pain

Unfortunately, for most patients, component revision is a necessary part of the revision surgery. When a rotator-cuff tear is acute, surgical repair is recommended. For chronic rotator cuff tearing, rotator cuff repair depends on the severity of the symptoms.

Because revision shoulder surgery is so complex, and because there are so many treatment options, every aspect of the surgery must be treated on an individual basis. In order to determine if you would benefit from a revision surgery, you would need to schedule a consultation with shoulder surgeon Dr. Millstein.

If you have any questions regarding shoulder revision surgery, shoulder surgery recovery, or surgical treatment options, please call Dr. Millstein’s office at (310) 595-1030 to schedule your consultation. In Beverly Hills, shoulder surgery is just one of the many procedures performed by Dr. Millstein, who can provide you with the treatment you need.

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