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Surgeries to repair the ACL are very common in the United States. Generally, most ACL reconstruction surgeries are successful. However, not all ACL surgeries are successful the first time. It is fairly common for an ACL to retear under certain circumstances. If the primary reconstruction has complications or a retear occurs, you may require revision ACL surgery. Revision ACL surgery should be performed by an expert orthopedic surgeon, as they can be quite complicated. Dr. Millstein is well experienced in ACL reconstruction surgery in Beverley Hills.

When is Revisions ACL Surgery Required?

Although most primary ACL reconstruction surgeries have a high rate of success, there are factors that may require further operations. Revision ACL surgery may be required if the initial ACL reconstruction was done in an improper or poor manner. Sometimes complications can arise after initial operations are performed by surgeons that have little experience with ACL repairs. Problems can also develop from inadequate rehabilitation following an ACL reconstruction. If the required rehab procedures aren’t fully implemented or are improperly done, the repaired ACL may not heal correctly. Of course, it’s also not unlikely to retear an ACL in a manner similar to the initial injury. Even if the surgery is done correctly and the rehabilitation protocol is followed, retears of the ACL can still be a risk. A retear will require revision ACL surgery.

Symptoms Requiring Revisions ACL Surgery

If the reconstruction fails within six months of the operation, it’s most commonly due to failure of the graft, poor surgery technique, or improper rehabilitation. If the initial ACL reconstruction is poorly done, there may be some obvious symptoms following the operation. An improperly performed initial reconstruction can cause all of the following, including but not limited to:Excess pain

If the reconstruction fails a year or more after the operation, it’s usually due to a reinjury or retear of the ligament. These failures will have symptoms similar to those of the initial ACL tear.

How Revision ACL Surgery is Performed

With revision ACL surgery, it is important to come up with an individualized plan of action. Dr. Millstein will come up with the best possible method of surgery in order to address every factor and ensure the highest probability of retained success. Depending on the degree of failure, the ACL revision may require multiple procedures.
If multiple surgeries are required, the initial operation will be to remove the old hardware, heal old drill holes using bone grafts, and realign the knee in place for the following operation. If this initial operation is required, it can be up to six months before the main revision surgery takes place. During the revision surgery, new hardware is put in place and a new graft is performed.

Revision ACL Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery times and rehabilitation protocols will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Millstein treats each individual case based on the circumstances and conditions surrounding the procedure. Depending on the individual, rehabilitation after the revision may differ from that of the prior ACL repair. It’s important to Dr. Millstein that everything related to the revision is done in the best possible way to ensure the highest probability of success in each individual case.

It’s important for every patient undergoing revision ACL surgery to understand that with each ACL revision, the odds of a full recovery are diminished. This makes it important to seek the best available treatment for ACL repair, in order to get it right the first time. If a revision ACL surgery is necessary, Dr. Millstein can provide you with the best possible results.

Robert Griffin III (also known as RG3) is a famous NFL quarterback that has recently undergone revision ACL surgery on his right knee. His first ACL tear occurred while in college, and the retear happened while in the NFL. In less than a year, RG3 is back out on the field and playing at a high level. As an NFL player, RG3 received a very high caliber of treatment, having the surgery performed by a top orthopedic surgeon. Even if you aren’t a starting quarterback in the NFL, this same level of expertise is available to you through Dr. Millstein.

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An ACL tear is an injury that can happen to people of all ages and physical ability. Even though it’s a fairly common operation, not all ACL repairs are done correctly the first time. Complications following initial surgery and reinjury can require Revision ACL Surgery. Dr. Millstein is highly regarded as a top expert in ACL reconstruction and revision.
If you are experiencing complications with a past ACL repair, schedule an appointment with Beverly Hills ACL reconstruction surgery specialist Dr. Millstein.

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